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Some Tips and Ideas on How to Build Cool Minecraft Houses

Building the cool Minecraft houses is something exciting and of course, if you often play Minecraft you have a great wish to build the cool houses effectively and in a good looking result. Still, you may also be a bit clueless on how to make the cool houses in Minecraft. Actually, if you already know the ways and methods, it would not be really difficult. It is really simple and of course, you can even make the cool ones. If you already knew how to make the house, then you only need to be really creative to make the cool one and make some improvements. However, firstly it is better for you to make a simple yet proper house in Minecraft. That is a good idea for a beginner to start making a house for the first time. That will also be a good beginning since it will be much simpler.

For a Minecraft player, of course, you know well how important the house is actually. That is one of the important things you have to make firstly in playing this game. Why? Of course, that is because it plays some important roles. That is including as a place to take a rest, as a shelter, as a place to keep lots of good, brewing, and many others. A house in this game is a kind of basic need that you have to fulfill. That is why you have to know how to make a house, at least the basic one which is simpler to be made since it plays an important role.

Actually, you also need to know about the things to obtain for building the house. There will be some essential yet basic things which you need to obtain first before you start building the house in Minecraft. That is including the things to build the wall of the house, the house’s floor and roof, and many others. To create a Minecraft house which is really cool and good-looking, you have to notice about the design, landscape, and so on. However, do not forget about the role and the functions of the house so that your Minecraft house does not only have a good look but also have a good role to play for you.

How to Build the Cool Houses to Build in Minecraft

cool houses to build in minecraft
If it is going to be your first Minecraft house, it means you need to know how to build it and create the house to be really cool and attractive. However, for the beginning, you can try by making the simple one so that you would not find any complicated problems in building the house. First of all, it is good for you to know what you need to prepare first before starting the steps in building the house in the Minecraft.

Before you go making the house in Minecraft, you need to collect the things you need for building the house. That is including the wood for the floor and also the roof, and also the stone blocks for creating the wall of the house. However, for the wall, using the bricks will be much better and recommended rather than using the common stone blocks. The bricks will give the natural and good looking. That is why it is much better to use the bricks if you want to get the better result of the house’s wall.
If you are interested in using bricks for your house, you have to do some efforts. You have to hunt the clays to make the bricks. The clay can be found in the water, which means you have to hunt it at the river. How do the clay blocks look like? The clay block has the light grey color or a bit light blue. You need to notice the grey block. Then, if you already find it, you can try to shovel the clay blocks. The next step to make the bricks is to burn the clay at a furnace. Then it will turn into the brick.

If you already have got all of the things you need for building the house, then let’s get started! The first step you need to do is to determine the size of the house which you will build. Then, what you need to do is building the basic foundation of the house. You can make it using the stone blocks. If it has been finished, then you can make the poles for each of the corners of the house foundation using the same type of stone of the foundation.

The next step is to make the flooring. The wood plank is the basic options one and it is also recommended. However, you can also choose to use other kinds of blocks. If the flooring has been finished, you can build the wall up at least in three blocks using the bricks. Then, you can install the windows. One of the tips here to make a cool yet simple house is to create a house’s patio area. Then, if the wall has been perfect, you can install the door and roof. For the roof, you can use various types of materials, as like the wood stair which will also be great to make the flat type roof for your house.

Some Ideas of the Cool Minecraft Houses Easy to Buildcool minecraft houses easy to build

There are actually lots of the ideas of the design for the cool Minecraft house. You can find lots of references first before having it started. However, it is better to create the simple one first but has the attractive look. It may not be complicated as long as you know the basic info about how to make it and how to choose the right type of materials for your house. This is the key to getting not only a good quality house but also a good looking cool house. For the easy to build a house in Minecraft, you can make the simple design one, for example starting by creating one story house.

Those are some ideas and tips which may be really helpful for you in creating a Minecraft house. Actually, the house which is easy to build can also be made into a cool good looking house. That can be done by choosing the right material. Thus, you will get the cool house in Minecraft which is effortless and still have a good quality as well.