4 Steps to Build Cool Houses for Minecraft PE

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One of the most fundamental things in Minecraft is to make a shelter or house, thus if you are looking for tips on how to build cool houses for Minecraft pe (pocket edition), then you are visiting the right article.  In Minecraft pe, just like primary needs of human in real life, there are 3 important aspects to have such as clothing, foods, and place to live. Clothing needs refer to the dress or any clothes that cover your body, food refers to the things that we consume in daily base and place to live refers to house or shelter or any place that can be used to live in. Thus, this article will discuss more one of the primary needs of Minecraft that is house or shelter. There are 4 tips on how to build cool houses for Minecraft pe.

1. Set a plan and arrange a strategy

Just like a house in real life, then you need to set a plan to build the house with the suitable type you want. One of the beneficial things in Minecraft is it enables you to build the house with the types that suit you the most. For example, you can build a house underwater, on top of the mountain or even on the tree. Anywhere you can build your house as long as you are able to measure the strategy on how to build the house.cool houses for minecraft pe

2. Collect as many necessary materials as possible

After you have determined the type of your dream house, the next step is to Collect as many necessary materials as possible. Any materials can influence the final result of your house design.

3. Find the best and the most strategic location

The next step for building cool houses for Minecraft pe is to Find the best and the most strategic location of your house. The strategic location Minecraft is a location where it enables you to get any needs. The things that you need to pay attention when choosing the strategic location is on how close your house to the wild animals and food sources. After that, you need to ensure that your house is surrounded by the natural resources such as stone, sand, woods, and many more. Besides, you also need to consider that your house is safe from any monsters that are wandering around at night.

4. Choose the best house interior

In choosing the best house interior, you need to remember that the size walls or rooftop you are going to build in Minecraft pe are as much as 1 block. Next, you should also remember that the furniture requires some space to put for example smelter, bed, crafting table and many more.

5. Think of the best features to be placed in your house

One of the best things in building houses in Minecraft pe is the uncomplicated process. It is even easy to renovate the house design as long as you have the basic materials.

Those are all the 4 steps to build cool houses for Minecraft pe.

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