5 Simple Steps About Cool Minecraft Houses Easy to Build

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Hello, fellow readers! Today’s article will tell you about cool Minecraft houses easy to build. In Minecraft game, a house is very important and compulsory. Beside its function as a place to take a rest, a house can also be used as a place for brewing, to keep things and many more. Today’s article will not only explain to you how to build a house in Minecraft easily but also will tell you how to build a simple house in Minecraft.

The steps are as below:

1. Prepare stone blocks

Before you start the game, it is recommended for you to prepare many stone blocks for the wall and the woods as floor and rooftop. However, it is better if you use stone bricks since it looks more natural compared to using regular brick blocks. In order to make bricks, you need to find out clay first. The clay is located in the water such as in the river. The clay blocks color is grey. So, you only need to find grey blocks then destroy them by using a shovel in order to make it easily destroyed. After the clays have been destroyed, you have to set fire to the clay in the furnace in order to turn it into bricks.cool minecraft houses easy to build

2. Determine the size of the house

The next step of cool Minecraft houses easy to build after you prepare the stone blocks, now you need to determine the size of your house. After that, you need to create the initial foundation of the house. After the foundation house is ready, now you need to build the pillar in every corner of the house. Next, you need to use the board as the floor. But it doesn’t matter if you want to use the other blocks.

3. Build the wall

When both foundation and the floors are ready, now it is time for you to build the wall. You need to put the blocks bricks that you want surrounds the house with at least 3 blocks high. After you have installed the wall, you can continue to install the window

4. Install the window

After the wall has been installed, the next step is you need to install the window. It’s up to you to install the window’s location. It also doesn’t matter if you do not install the window. Do not forget to make the house terrace to make your house looks more appealing.

5. Install the rooftop and door

Last but not least, after the wall and windows have been finished, then you need to cover the ceiling with a rooftop in order to keep the things inside the house dry from the rain because the house is covered by rooftop. Do not forget to also install the door. Besides it makes the room looks complete, it also prevents the zombie from entering the house. There are several ways to install the rooftop. But now we will choose the wood stair. First, you need to make a flat rooftop. But to make it easy, you need to install the blocks on the outside of the rooftop.

Those are all the 5 simple steps about cool Minecraft houses easy to build.

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