Cool and Easy Minecraft Houses: Pocket Edition

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Cool and easy Minecraft houses building tips are needed for you who play Minecraft game for the first time. Since building houses is the first thing to do when you are a beginner in Minecraft. The houses will protect you from a mob, give you a place to sleep, and also create more stuff. You are able to build a basic house for some nights, but if you want to build a cool and easy house, here are the steps.

Collect Basic Materials

1. Collect wood and wooden boards.

Wood is harvested from trees and wooden boards are able to be built from wood by using an assembled table. Wood is an amazing basic material because it is cheap and easy to be found in various biomes.

2. Find rocks or cobblestones.

Rocks are common blocks, mostly found in underground and on the mountain. If the rocks are mined by using a pickaxe, you will be able to find cobblestones with a different look. You are even able to base rock generator by using glasses, lava, and water if you do not really like mine rocks or cobblestones.

3. Find quartz.

Quartz is found from building a Nether reactor in Minecraft pocket edition. This makes the price of blocks is expensive in survival mode, but this is the best way if you want to add a little bit white color in your house.

4. Collect a little bit sands.

Sands are the common natural blocks, usually found near water or in desert biomes. This is the easy way to add beige color into the color scheme, and cheap if you do not want to spend a lot of and easy minecraft houses

House Ideas

1. Build basic houses.

You are able to build basic houses which look like houses in real life. Use stairs to create a roof. Avoid pure block shape in order to make the houses look great.

2. Build a palace.

With cobblestone or common rocks, build a palace complete with the jail. You are even able to use green wool to create a giant dragon for killing. Look for the images of middle east palaces to find ideas about layout which is suitable for your favorite.

3. Build ultra-modern houses.

Sharpen your creativity by building ultra-modern houses. You are able to use clean block lines glass panel wall in order to make your house looks super cool.


Build the House Easily

1. Use colored blocks to mark the foundation.

Use blocks with different colors to mark different areas. For example, use blue wool to mark the corners of the walls and red wool to mark the location for the Redstone circuit. Place this block on the first layer of soil so that you build right above it. This is to ensure that everything is aligned.

2. Choose cheap materials.

Build a house with materials which are easy to be found. If not, prepare investment for a long project.

3. Build the Exterior.

Build walls exterior first because this part is the hardest part. It is important to keep everything aligned and looks good for cool and easy Minecraft houses.

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