How to Build Cool Wooden Minecraft Houses for Beginners

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When you play Minecraft, cool wooden Minecraft houses are only a few of the things you can make in the game. Minecraft is a game of creative freedom where the limitation is only within your mind. The possibility of creating stuff in Minecraft is pretty much endless. You can make a house that moves, you can make a house that flies, you can make a house that you can shout some commands to, you can make underwater houses that looks cool, and you can make houses that looks like a robot.

But what if you want to make simple, cool wooden Minecraft houses? Behind the endless possibility in Minecraft and in your mind, surely there is a chance where you just want everything to be as simple as possible. Building a simple wooden house is probably one of those basic simple things that you want to make, and this guide will tell how you to do wooden minecraft houses

The first step to be taken is to find some wood first

If you are playing in creative mode, this should not be too much of a problem, but survival mode is a different matter. It is easier to build things in creative mode, but it will not give you the same sense of pride and accomplishment when you build it survival mode. Nevertheless, decide if you want to play in survival or creative.

If you play on survival, the first priority is to make yourself an ax. Hit some trees with your hand, combine the wooden blocks to make a crafting table, bring another batch of wood to make sticks, and then you can make a wooden ax. When you already got an ax in your hand, chop away and grab some wooden blocks.


The second thing is to build a house based on your perception of what a house looks like

If I have to be honest, the best house I have created in Minecraft is just a simple 4 by 4 house that stretches upward, creating a tiny apartment like a house for me. Some people, however, can make great houses in the game, and if you look for a bit, perhaps you can find a house that suits your cool need.

The basic of houses are the 4 by 6 blocks houses or the 6 by 6 houses, which is large enough for a few of the furniture in Minecraft. It all depends on your perception of how a real house looks like, so build away.

The beauty of Minecraft lies within the fact that you do not exclusively need wood to make a wooden house. You can combine wood with any materials available in Minecraft provided they follow some law of physics (flying wooden blocks are something that is a bit weird, but the sands and the water blocks in this game fall down, so it follows the law of physic for a bit).

Heck, you can even combine sands, woods, glasses, dirt, water, or lava blocks to make your house. The combination is endless as long as you know what you are working with and not combine blocks that should not be combined in real life (like lava blocks and wooden blocks). Nobody likes it when their cool wooden Minecraft houses burn, right?

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