How to: Cool Houses to Build in Minecraft

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Cool houses to build in Minecraft are various. When you enter Minecraft server which is filled with players, you will see a lot of buildings with middle century designs. One of the ways to against the popularity is by building your own house with modern designs. Here are the ways to build your own cool and modern houses in Minecraft game.

Basics of Modern and Cool Architecture

1. Use sharp lines and square shaped surface.

This step is not really hard because Minecraft has building system which is made from cubes. The easy way to mimic this design is by building house walls with different heights.

2. Place clean white walls with natural materials.

Looking for woods and stones is an easy thing to do, but colored building materials such as quartz, wools, sandstones, and other bright colors stones are harder to be found. But in order to make a modern house, combining clean white walls of your house with natural materials such as woods and stones will create a beautiful contrast.

3. Use big glass windows.

You will need a lot of sands to make this part. Building cool house near a beach will give you an amazing view and also source of sands to make glass. You are able to create some furnaces in order to increase the speed production of glass. Big windows will bring open and clean atmosphere to your house.

cool houses to build in minecraft

Ideas for Creative Projects

1. Add a smooth curve and rounded shape surface.

Minecraft construction style consists of blocks that make it easy for the players to reproduce modern design house with lines and squares. You are able to make the roof curvy to make your house looks fancy.

2. Use the combination of geometric shapes.

If you want to experiment with designing house, do not limit the design only in square shape or rectangle shape. You are able to make the look of your house more unique by mixing not common shapes and surfaces. It is the best way to be used in a big house because those shapes will be clearly seen.

3. Consider building impossible structures.

If you really want to build a cool and modern house, free yourself and build a house with crazy architectures. You do not have to be worried about physic laws since it is in Minecraft game so that you are free to use your creativity.

4. Add various plants in the design of your house.

Plants or gardens which are neatly placed will give nature atmosphere to your cool and modern house. If you connect grasslands with ordinary soil, the grass will slowly spread. You are able to use this mechanism in order to build a unique garden, such as grasslands on the roof. You are also able to collect wildflowers for the collection in your garden.

5. Consider the place.

There is no right place in order to build a cool house, but you may want to build it in a fun place such as near beach, on the top of the hills and many more for cool houses to build in Minecraft.

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