Making Yourself Cool Easy Minecraft Houses

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There are many styles of houses that you can build in Minecraft, and building cool easy Minecraft houses is not that hard to do provided you know your stuff. Minecraft is an accessible game, and by accessible I mean it is easy for pretty much everybody to work in. Children of age 12 (which the game is infamously filled with. Now only surpassed by another game called Roblox. Do not get me started on it), angsty teenagers filled with tendencies to do stuff that should not be done, young adults with no life, and old people who smells like the world, all can play Minecraft. Minecraft is truly the most wholly embracing game, suitable for everybody except for abnormal people.

Aside from the houses, you can build like, basically everything your mind can make. If you want to make a moving robot with your very own cockpit to stay in, you can do so. If you want to make an RV that can move on its own wheels, you can do so. If you want to build a grand farm filled with animals from all hooves of life, you can make so. If you just want to build some simple cool easy Minecraft houses, you can also do easy minecraft houses

The materials for the house
Just like building stuff in the real world, some things will only work if you made it from the correct material. Say what you want to make a simple house. A simple house, just like the real world, can be made from wood, concrete bricks, stones, and even sands. Those things are all possible choice of material if you want to make a simple house that is located far from dangerous stuff.

Preventing your house from danger
About the dangerous stuff, there are also numerous things categorized as them and they will destroy your house if you are not careful. I will divide the dangerous stuff into two categories: the dangerous stuff that moves and the dangerous stuff that is unmoving.
While the moving dangerous stuff usually come out when it is night, you can also encounter them in caves or in many places where the light does not touch. The things that can be categorized in here are creepers, skeletons, endermen, wolves, and silver fishes. Provided you build your house where the light touches it or you do not build it on caves, you are relatively safe from those creatures. However, if you accidentally build your house over there and you feel too sentimental to tear it down, you can use a few materials that can withstand a siege from them.
Obsidian is always valuable if you ever found them. It is basically the strongest mineral known to the world of Minecraft (aside from bedrock, but because

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