Short Tutorial on Cool Minecraft Survival Houses

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Cool Minecraft survival houses can be built using common materials you can find in survival mode. Here we have the short tutorial for the house.

Step #1 – Create a platform
A platform is the first thing you will need before building a house. Start with square or rectangle in any size you like. Other than that, it applies as the flooring as well. We will start with 4×4 platform made of cobblestone.

Step #2 – Build the walls and glass
Basically, you can use any material you like and do not forget to leave the gaps for the windows. Materials you choose will define the color. This is why you can just use whatever material you want for the walls.
Once the walls are up, you can build the window. Windows are available on blocks and also panels. Again, this is up to you whether to use the panels or the minecraft survival houses

Step #3 – Create the roof
It can be a little bit complicated than you think. However, you can leave the space at the top of the building to have bigger space as well as build a chest in the house. If you build a platform in 4×4 on size then it will be enough to add one big chest under the roof of cool Minecraft survival houses.

Step #4 – Decorating
Basically, this step is not difficult. You just need to decorate the interior and exterior as you like in order to complete the building. Again, all materials are available in the survival mode so you better explore it in order to create a cool house. Once the design is done, you can expand it later by sticking to the tutorial that we have been shared in this article.

Improving the exterior design
If we just learned about the basic house in survival mode, you can follow these instructions to create a nicer and cooler house. There are three ways you can try in order to improve the look of your house from outside. They are such as the shape, the depth, and the detail.After you create a square or rectangle platform, you can create another wing on the left and right of the main house. Do whatever you like. It can be an L-shaped house, U-shaped house, or maybe a two-story house.
The next step is looking at the depth. Choose the blocks that can alter the wall in depth. You may consider putting the black square on the checkerboard. But it will be better if you only put that in the first two rows.
When it comes to details, you will think about a glass window, a chimney, or maybe the stairs. You can even add the effect of an old-looked house. Moss stone will be a good idea and planting some tall grass will add a dramatic effect of it.
In order to create a flawless look on your house, you may also consider combining the blocks. It creates a unique look. Try oak wooden planks, stone bricks, and oak wood for cool Minecraft survival houses.

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