The Definitive Minecraftian Guide: Cool Houses to Build in Minecraft Step by Step

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Minecraft is a popular game thanks to its flexibility and how it is possible for one to create many things, and if you want to make the game even better, there are several cool houses to build in Minecraft step by step guide that you can follow if you want to make one.

Just like building a house in real life, you need to consider a few things to build a house in Minecraft. These things, in perspective, will definitely help you make a good house for yourself. Check out a few of the things to consider when you want to build a house:

The building materials

Again, just like in real life, you need to consider the building materials you want for your house. Minecraft is a game filled with many blocks of materials, and from those blocks of materials, you can create your own house. There are many materials to choose from in Minecraft, and those materials range from the easy to acquire wood, the durable stones, and the hardest of them all, the obsidian blocks. Make a choice of materials before you can even begin with making the foundation.

Finding wood in the world of Minecraft is easy. It exists in every biome within Minecraft except for the desert biome or the water biome (which should be obvious). Harvesting them is easy: just use your bare hand or make yourself an ax.

The stones are somewhat harder to mine because mining them with your hand is like the impossible thing to do (the stone will just break if you hit it long enough with your hands, leaving you with no trace of it). For the stones, you will need any pickaxes.

The obsidian is the toughest material you can make your house from. It is also the hardest to acquire because finding them will require you to travel near volcanic mountains and to harvest them you will need a diamond pickaxe, which is the hardest pickaxe to get in houses to build in minecraft step by step

Cool houses to build in Minecraft step by step guide

First thing first, you will need to dig out some area to make the foundation. The usual house will require a 4 by 12 square for its foundation. However, if you want to be fancier than that and you want to leave the world of peasantry behind you, you can make a bigger and deeper hole for the foundation.

When you are done with it, add another 4 by 6 (if you are using the 4 by 12 square) in the middle edge of the former hole. After it is done, you just need to dig deeper for two blocks and apply the foundation on it. Put the blocks until all of the foundations is done and make some columns for the edges. When the columns are done, the walls are next and the windows after.

For the roof, you have two ways of building it: the usual square shaped roof, or the popular triangle roof that normal houses use.  That is basically the basis of cool houses to build in Minecraft step by step guide.

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