The Minecraftian Guide to House Building: Cool Minecraft Houses Blueprint

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If you are looking for a cool Minecraft houses blueprint for you to build your house on, then look no further because this article here will tell you about some places you can search for them. On the internet, you can find lots of blueprints for those cool houses, but you will also find even more videos about how to make one. Because there is only so much that you can extract from a video and certain videos are too ‘12 years old’ for you to learn from, you are better off learning from a blueprint. However, thanks to how easy it is making a video compared to making a detailed blueprint, the number of videos dwarf the number of blueprints. Although I said that a cool Minecraft houses blueprint is easy to find, it will be easier for you to search for a video on the subject. We do not want videos. We want detailed blueprints.

That is why I am writing this article. I shall give you several sites on the internet that you can definitely use if you want to find credible Minecraft blueprints. Not only that the blueprints are credible, they are also awesome to minecraft houses blueprints

Without further becoming a time waster, let us start talking about those websites:


Grabcraft is my go-to website if I ever want to get my hand on some cool looking Minecraft building blueprints. This is where blueprints are at their finest because you can get a very detailed look at it. While other sites will only give you menial information like what the house is made of, how it looks when it is finished, and how cool the interior of the house is. In Grabcraft, you can get all of that plus some few important things.

First, because it is a blueprint, it is only a MUST for it to have a precise amount of blocks and what types of blocks are needed for that certain building to work. To upload your own blueprint in Grabcraft, you need to fill some sort of form that tells how much block and what type of blocks are needed in your blueprint.

Second, this site also tells you about the exact location of every block needed for the blueprints. While other websites (or worse, videos made by 12 years old) will only show you the end product, Grabcraft takes it up a notch by giving you instructions on how and where you should put each block listed in the ingredients. This makes it friendly newbie friendly, which is something that I am glad for because I am such a newbie in Minecraft architecture.


Minecraftbuildinginc is the place to go if you want to find fantastical blueprint houses. While Grabcraft only got little of them, you will find lots of fantasy related things over here. You can find things like elven map pack and some other map packs that you cannot find anywhere else. Within this site, you can also find stuff that is bigger than houses like an actual full city or an actual full world filled with many wonders and things that will certainly take lots of time to create. You can use the blueprints provided for reference or you can just download them and play. This is the place if you want to find other blueprints aside from the ordinary cool Minecraft houses blueprint.

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