Tutorial on Cool Houses to Make in Minecraft

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Cool houses to make in Minecraft start with your idea. And if this is your first time to play this game, you may consider reading this article thoroughly.

Collecting basic materials
Basic materials are needed because you cannot build anything without them. Woods can be collected from trees and the planks are available if you create it from wood on the crafting table. Wood is basically the great material since this is easy to find and also cheap.
The next is stone. This is also a common material for a block. You can get it from the underground that builds up the mountain. If you use the pickaxe then you will gather the cobblestone as well. But if you do not feel like mining the stone, you can create it by using glass, water, and lava.
When you want to have cool houses to make in Minecraft, you will need sand. Just like a stone, it is a common block too. It is abundantly available near the desert biomes and water. Sand is also the easy way to give a beige touch on the color scheme. Besides, sand is cheap though.
Do not forget about coal and you can only get it by mining. Coal is also one way to create black in the color scheme.cool houses to make in minecraft

The idea to create cool houses
First of all, you will need to create the basic house even though it looks very cliché and basic. In order to avoid the super-basic look, you can try to use stairs to create the roof and get a little creative from a box-shaped house.
Create a castle using the regular stone or cobblestone will give it some unique look. You also need a dungeon to make it looks like a real castle. When you want to have a giant dragon, you may use the Green wool too. By putting the fences, you will put the turrets show up at the towers atop.
The next idea is the underwater house. You need to apply several tricks. The walls can be built on the surface of the water. Then you should fill the house with dirt before sealing the house and then remove the dirt.
Maybe you are a player who is into a modern house. The modern house is going to need a box with clean lines along with glass panels for the wall. It looks cool like the modern house you may see in the magazines. A modern house will look stunning to be built on the cliff.
Thinking out of the box me lead you to something like a bat cave inside the cave. The other cool thing about the bat cave is the entrance of waterfall. The mansion inside the cave can be built by using red stone.
A tree house may also be the next cool house you can build. First of all, you need to build a big tree so you can make it your house. Other than that, you can even change the whole village into this kind of house. Later, you can hang out with your friends in the cool houses to make in Minecraft.

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